Migrate your Fusion Table Maps

The Fusion Tables Archive Tool is an easy way to preserve existing maps generated with Google Fusion Tables. Built by Google and Ubilabs as an open source project, the tool aims to preserve your data and migrate your maps before the Fusion Tables shutdown on December 3, 2019. You have access to the exporting portion of this tool until the shutdown date. If you only want to save your Fusion Tables data as CSV & KML files, and don't need the maps, then consider using Google Takeout instead.

This tool will export each selected Fusion Table to its own spreadsheet or CSV file “archive” in your Google Drive, and will generate a Google map based on the archive. This tool tries to preserve your map styling and basic balloon templates. Your archives are saved in a folder called “ft-archive”. Links to your archives and maps are listed in a Google Sheet called “ft-archive-index”.

To get started, sign in with your Google account below. This tool uses the following access rights or "scopes" (see here for more information on scopes):

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If you have more questions about the tool or the archives, please read this FAQ.